Here’s what some regular clients have to say about the people and services at Eloquence:

“Julie is a remarkable teacher/facilitator. Every class is informative, different, fun and helps us each to make big leaps forward in our writing. Her tips on writing and eliminating writer’s block are priceless. More than anything, however, it is her humor that brings such lightness and joy to the classes. I personally have been writing a collection of short stories and she has helped me in her humorous way to bring closure to each story rather than jumping from one to another. It’s such a wonderful sense of achievement to complete stories that I might otherwise leave halfway done. All of her classes are held in a respectful and friendly atmosphere that allows us all to be our authentic selves in our writing and our interaction with each other. It’s also thanks to this safe environment that she provides that none of us feels judged. Instead, we actually look forward to the feedback from her and the others in the group. Thank you, Julie!”

Seema Behi, Short Story Writer

short story writing student testimonial

“As an editor, I have worked with Julie Gedeon for the past seven years. One of the reasons I assign Julie so many stories for the magazines I edit is simple: she’s really good at what she does. She files bullet-proof copy and she does it to deadline. Julie has an excellent sense of story, is a meticulous reporter and writes elegant copy. She also boasts traits that editors regard as priceless gifts: she’s easy to work with”

Stephanie Whittaker, Editor-in-Chief, Montreal Home, Toronto Home, Vancouver Home, South Florida Home

editor Montreal Home Toronto Home Vancouver Home

“In teaching writing skills, Julie Gedeon has approached my fiction writing with courage and professionalism and instilled both of these characteristics in my inner story-writer. Her passion for honest (and well-researched) story-telling has inspired me to persist, even during moments of writer’s angst. She has given me tools to encourage flow and creatively open my mind. Group sessions benefit from Julie’s ability to maintain balance between participants and introduce positive critical feedback.”

 Nicki Garwood, Master of Social Work

novel writing student published author

“My wife and I took Julie Gedeon’s writing course and were impressed with her depth of knowledge and simple-to-follow style of information delivery. Six month after completing the course, I published an article as part of ananthology. Thank you, Julie, as it was your guidance that made this possible for me.”

Ramzi Cheety, Co-Founder, Free2BU

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“Julie Gedeon has created a wonderful space with the Writers’ Kitchen that is full of fun, laughter and friendship. She is a gifted teacher who will take your desire to write, build on your skills, and reveal your hidden talents. Before you know it, you will be a better writer than you ever thought possible.”

Corry Robertson- Performance Coach/Owner of Alive from 9 to 5

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“I love Julie’s writing classes. Her quick wit and humour make the courses both interesting and enjoyable. All of her comments are very positive and encouraging. She teaches us to write from our hearts, staying true to our individual style. I now write with more clarity and precision. Thanks to Julie, I am now not only a better writer but have a new appreciation of good literature as well”

Catherine Robertson- A Nurse, Writer, and Artist

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“If I had the ability to articulate what I truly feel about the writing courses offered by Eloquence and the invaluable advice that Julie Gedeon has given me over the past year, every person who would read this would sign up! ”

Shannon Mawhinney, Writer

novel writing student testimonial